Beak to Schnoz at Last

Cecil is our male cockatiel family member. Ummm, no. Still no. There he is!  Cute, right?  He is an extremely social little guy with a lovely repertoire of calls, whistles and mumblings that he uses to great effect to express desire for attention and his affection for the recipient of his mumblings. Enzo is our... Continue Reading →

Harvest Moon Paddle

Thursday October 2nd, 2017 was a beautiful harvest moon and Blue Paddle SUP coordinated a full moon paddle at Agua Hedionda Lagoon. Maggie Adams is a wonderful part of the Stand Up Paddleboard community here in San Diego and runs Blue Paddle SUP, a paddleboard lesson, training and outing company.  That's her holding the camera stick for the group... Continue Reading →

Swimming with Sea Turtles

There is just something about the Green Sea Turtle. Mystical, elusive, playful, wise, patient, coy, sedate, blissful, magical…somehow it’s impossible to quite pin down all the qualities that they possess. And their mere presence is somewhat capricious. Some people can go to Kauai and spend a week practically hunting for them and never see one,... Continue Reading →

Humbled by Washing the Dog Bed

This is a tremendously exciting topic.  You've been searching everywhere for the definitive blog on this, and here it is.  After much soul searching and agonizing inner debate I have finally found what I would like to share on the subject.  Hmmph. In Enzo's crate is a humble Costco dog bed.  It is rectangular, with... Continue Reading →

Kauai Equals Ahi Heaven

I confess.  I did not think Ahi was all that.  I always thought the flavor was a little strong, to me a little off-putting.  I'll say it, even a bit "fishy".  Well.  I just hadn't had FRESH Ahi!Kauai is renowned for having expensive food.  Of course!  Everything has to be shipped in to the middle... Continue Reading →

Quest for Best Shave Ice on Kauai

Shave ice is the king of sweet treats in Hawaii. Available on almost every block, sold out of shop windows, trucks, carts, restaurants and coffee shops it is hard not to stub your slippah on the stuff. It makes sense, a nice sweet treat made up of mostly water to enjoy in a warm tropical... Continue Reading →

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