Kauai Equals Ahi Heaven

I confess.  I did not think Ahi was all that.  I always thought the flavor was a little strong, to me a little off-putting.  I’ll say it, even a bit “fishy”.  Well.  I just hadn’t had FRESH Ahi!

Kauai is renowned for having expensive food.  Of course!  Everything has to be shipped in to the middle of the Pacific Ocean for a small population.  Except what can be caught or grown there.  Enter the Ahi.  It’s actually one of the more affordable menu items at most restaurants and they do not mess around with portion size either.

We recently began to order Ahi for just about every meal and to my delight I found it delicious.  Typically it was caught that morning in local waters so it doesn’t get much fresher than that.  They almost always prepare it seared and rare, which I heard referred to as “kissed” and I just can’t get enough!  Kissed Ahi over coleslaw with a wasabi cream dipping sauce.  Seared Ahi and island mashed potatoes with soy miso reduction. Ahi wrap. Ahi sashimi.  Ahi tacos.

Try it at Tahiti Nui in Hanalei for Ahi carpaccio or an entree.  One of our favorites in the appetizer serving at Olympic Cafe in Kapaa, watch out they don’t mess around with the wasabi in the cream sauce!  Costco sells Ahi and yellowtail sashimi already prepared and packaged and it is lovely to have in the fridge for a protein break.  Pick up some to cook yourselves at Kilauea Fish Market, or go for their wraps or tacos.  You can’t go far on the island without being tempted by the transluscent, ruby red flesh of Ahi.  And if you are there for a short time, why resist temptation?

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